Sport Management (SPM)


SPM 430. Topics in Sport Management. 3 Hours.

Each topic covers a different sport management concept and may include an intensive workshop. May be repeated for an indefinite number of hours, but particular topics must vary. Course Information: Prerequisites: SPM 431 or equivalent.

SPM 431. Foundation of Sports Management. 3 Hours.

This course examines administrative skills and strategies that are critical to effective management of sport related organizations. The material covered in this course will be applicable to management across a broad range of sports organizations. Course Information: Prerequisites: BUS 312 and MGT 310.

SPM 432. Sport Law. 3 Hours.

This course expands the student's understanding of the principles of law that regulate both the amateur and professional sports industries. Materials will be taken from the sports industry and will concentrate on the legal issues that regulate this field. Special emphasis will be placed on the risks of litigation. Course Information: Prerequisites: SPM 431 Foundations of Sport Management.

SPM 433. Facilities and Event Management. 3 Hours.

Students will acquire an understanding of strategies, techniques, and critical issues associated with event and facilities management. In addition, students will gain an awareness of basic terminology and current trends in the design and management of sport facilities. Course Information: Prerequisites: SPM 431 Foundation of Sport Management.