Graduate Students

Graduate Programs

For a complete list of all graduate majors, please see the Degrees Offered page in this catalog.

Academic Opportunities

Graduate (Post-Baccalaureate) Certificates, Professional Development Sequences, and Post-Master’s Certificates represent courses of study that constitute less than a full graduate degree and provide specialized knowledge and skills for the professional. Admission decisions and advising are provided by the departments that supervise these options. Course prerequisites may be waived if the student can present evidence of advanced career experience. Proficiency examination, transfer, and Prior Learning Assessment may not be used because of the limited number of courses required and the need for course content to logically integrate. Grade requirements that must be met for the graduate certificate to be awarded are specified by each department and are detailed in the information listed.

Joint Graduate Degree Policy

A joint degree allows students to pursue two graduate degrees simultaneously while allowing some shared course hours to be applied to both degrees. As a result, students may earn two degrees in fewer hours than if they pursued the degrees separately. The degree programs should be complementary and the joint degree is expected to reflect the intellectual intersectionality between them. Otherwise, reducing the number of hours required for the two degrees could diminish the quality of each.

Students wishing to pursue a joint graduate degree must be separately admitted to each program. Students must meet all prerequisite requirements of each program and notify each program in writing of the desire to pursue the joint degree prior to beginning any closure processes. Students must successfully complete the courses designated in the joint degree articulation agreement and successfully complete the closure requirements of each degree program or the joint closure requirement defined by the programs. Students successfully completing a joint degree program will receive two separate diplomas, one for each degree.