Educational Studies

The Bachelor of Arts in Educational Studies degree (BAES) program pairs an interdisciplinary foundation of general education courses with an educational studies core that explores learning theory, educational psychology, child development, educating special populations, inclusive learning, curriculum design, designing online learning environments, and best practices in education.

The BAES degree program is designed for those who seek to work with children and young adults in formal and informal learning and educational settings that do not require state licensure/certification. It is a 120-hour program that prepares graduates to teach in private schools, after-school programs; to serve as paraprofessionals in K-12 schools; and to work in other fields such as child advocacy programs, policy marking, government, health care business, and non-profit organizations. The program is delivered in a blended format with most courses offered online.

Grading Policy

Students must maintain a cumulative grade point average of 2.75. 

Program Learning Outcomes 

  1. Demonstrate mastery of content, technological advances, and pedagogical expertise in the content and grade levels in which they teach

  2. Establish a safe, inclusive, and respectful learning environment for a diverse population of students

  3. Plan and deliver effective instruction, supported by appropriate technological applications, and create an environment that facilitates learning for all students

  4. Demonstrate high standards for professional conduct

  5. Partner, collaborate, and engage with families and/or communities to develop relationships and build networks of support for student success

  6. Actively advocate for students, families, and schools to support equity and social justice 

  7. Apply research to improve practice and student learning


Foundation Requirements 24
PSY 201Principles Of Psychology3
TEP 207Foundations of American Education3
TEP 222Child Development for Teachers3
or TEP 223 Adolescent Development for Teachers
TEP 224Exceptional Child for Teachers3
TEP 227Educational Psychology for Teachers3
TEP 305Technology For Teaching3
TEP 315Advanced Classroom Management3
TEP 318Curriculum, Planning, and Assessment3
Core Courses 143
Science & Systems (Choose 2)
ENS 411ECCE: Introduction to Environmental Education4
MGT 474Leadership And Motivation3
PSY 416Psychology Of Motivation4
PSY 457Applied Behavior Analysis4
TEP 426Methods of Elementary Science3
TEP 437Science Methods for Middle and Secondary Grades3
TEP 483The System's Response to Child Maltreatment3,4
Technology (Choose 2)
ART 215Photography I3
BUS 331ECCE: Business, Ethics, and Society3
ENG 368ECCE: Creative Writing, Publishing, and Community4
ENG 373Writing in New Media3
ENG 466Digital Technologies in English Studies3,4
ENS 304Mapping our Physical and Social World3
MIS 323ECCE: Social Health Care Informatics3
MIS 352Principles of Management Information Systems3
MUS 281Music, Technology, and Culture3
PHI 401Logic4
TEP 305Technology For Teaching3
Special Interest (Choose 2)
CCJ 231Juvenile Delinquency3
CCJ 324Issues of Intervention: Law Enforcement and Human Services3
CCJ 353Psychology of the Offender3
CCJ 419Justice and Juveniles3
COM 362Introduction to Public Relations4
COM 422Small Group Communication4
COM 424Gender Communication4
COM 425ECCE: Intercultural Communication4
COM 428Nonverbal Communication4
COM 464Conflict Management4
HMS 533Child Abuse And Neglect3
MGT 371Social Responsibility and Ethics: Corporate and Public3
PAD 484Childhood Trauma: Risk and Resiliency3,4
PSC 311Introduction to Public Policy3
PSY 305Careers in the Helping Professions2
SOA 426ECCE: Teen Talk Classic: Stories of Culture and Adolescence4
Communication (Choose 2)
PAD 302Leadership and Management of Public Organizations3
PSY 326Family Psychology4
TEP 419Content Area Literacy Methods3
TEP 423Methods of Elementary Reading and Language Arts3
TEP 435English Methods for Middle and Secondary Grades3
TEP 482Global Child Advocacy Studies3,4
Behavioral Science (Choose 2)
MGT 310Managing Organizational Behavior3
PAD 301Introduction to Public Service Management3
PSY 311Cognitive Psychology4
PSY 339Psychology of Gender4
PSY 413Psychology of Learning and Memory4
TEP 425Methods of Elementary Social Studies and Humanities3
TEP 438Social Studies Methods for Middle and Secondary Grades3
TEP 481Perspectives on Child Maltreatment and Advocacy3,4
Analytics (Choose 2)
PSY 302Research Methods In Psychology4
PSY 305Careers in the Helping Professions2
PSY 337Psychology of Music4
PSY 458Psychological Tests and Measurements4
SOA 426ECCE: Teen Talk Classic: Stories of Culture and Adolescence4
TEP 424Methods of Elementary Mathematics3
TEP 436Mathematics Methods for Middle and Secondary Grades3
Electives (300 level or above)6
Internship Requirements 1,2,34
IPL 300ECCE: Internship Applied Learning3
TEP 491Educational Studies Senior Seminar1