Secondary History Education

Course work for Secondary History Education candidates falls into six categories: general education, introductory courses, core courses, methods courses, content area courses, and student teaching.

Program Learning Outcomes 

  1. Demonstrate mastery of content, technological advances, and pedagogical expertise in the content and grade levels in which they teach
  2. Establish a safe, inclusive, and respectful learning environment for a diverse population of students
  3. Plan and deliver effective instruction, supported by appropriate technological applications, and create an environment that facilitates learning for all students
  4. Demonstrate high standards for professional conduct
  5. Partner, collaborate, and engage with families and/or communities to develop relationships and build networks of support for student success
  6. Actively advocate for students, families, and schools to support equity and social justice 
  7. Apply research to improve practice and student learning


Introductory Courses
TEP 207Foundations of American Education3
TEP 223Adolescent Development for Teachers3
TEP 224Exceptional Child for Teachers3
TEP 227Educational Psychology for Teachers3
Total Hours12
Core Courses
TEP 305Technology For Teaching3
TEP 315Advanced Classroom Management3
TEP 318Curriculum, Planning, and Assessment3
Total Hours9
Method Courses 1
TEP 415Teaching in Secondary Schools3
TEP 419Content Area Literacy Methods3
TEP 438Social Studies Methods for Middle and Secondary Grades3
Total Hours9
Content Courses
ENS 332ECCE: Cultural Geography3
or ENS 304 Mapping our Physical and Social World
or ENS 411 ECCE: Introduction to Environmental Education
or TEP 335 Teaching Middle Grades Geography and Interdisciplinary Social Studies
HIS 118Making of the West3
HIS 160Topics in Middle Eastern History3
or HIS 365 ECCE: Culture Wars/Europe
or HIS 375 ECCE: Conflict in the Middle East
HIS 202European History3
HIS 204U.S. History to 18773
HIS 205U.S. History Since 18773
HIS 301The Historian's Craft3
HIS 304ECCE: Illinois History3
PSC 171Comparative Political Cultures3
or PSC 201 Introduction to the American Political System
PSY 201Principles Of Psychology3
SOA 101Introduction to Sociology3
SOA/HIS 106Peoples of the Past3
SOA 222American Society3
or SOA 356 ECCE: Coffee, Chocolate and Justice
or ENS 311 ECCE: Global Change in Local Places
or HIS 436 United States, 1945-Present
ENS 411ECCE: Introduction to Environmental Education4
Or any HIS, AAS, PSC, or SOA
Total Hours 1

Secondary candidates who have completed all general education requirements; all introductory, core, and methods courses; and all course work for content area, and all other requirements will be eligible to complete student teaching. The student teaching semester includes two courses.

Candidates are required to apply for student teaching. Applications are to be completed within the prescribed time frame. Candidates must complete a state and federal background check as directed by the host district prior to the start of student teaching.

Student Teaching
TEP 449Middle Grade and High School Student Teaching Seminar3
TEP 451ECCE: Student Teaching - Middle Grade and High School9
Total Hours12