Senior Learner Admission

The Senior Learner Program is open to those individuals who are at least 62 years old by the relevant registration day. There are two options available.

  1. For non-degree credit, individuals can attend courses on an audit basis and receive an activity card for a small fee, plus a parking fee. Senior learners are also responsible for all course-related fees, including online fees. Please note that the senior learner fee is non-refundable on or after the official start date of the applicable semester. This option does not offer academic credit and does not require graded tests or papers. For more information, contact the Office of Records and Registration.
  2. For degree credit, the Illinois Senior Citizen Courses Act (110 ILCS 990) permits Illinois senior citizens, over the age of 65, to enroll in regularly scheduled credit courses at UIS without the payment of tuition. This program allows individuals to earn undergraduate or graduate credit by paying only UIS fees; tuition is waived. You must be admitted as a degree-seeking student to UIS and your annual household income must be below the threshold amount as indicated in the Illinois Cares Rx BASIC program. You must meet regular class expectations to earn academic credit. For more information, please contact the UIS Office of Financial Assistance.