Community College Articulation and Transfer

Loss of credit may occur when students transfer from other institutions to UIS and can extend the time needed to complete the baccalaureate degree. By participation in the Illinois Articulation Initiative, individual course articulation, and development of two-plus-two agreements and other articulation agreements with community colleges and other institutions of higher education, UIS has made considerable efforts to ensure that students have the best chance of transferring in the maximum number of credit hours, regardless of whether students are transferring from an Illinois or out-of-state institution.

Students in most programs at UIS can earn a baccalaureate degree in two years beyond the Associate of Arts, Associate of Science, Associate of Arts and Science, and Associate of Arts in Teaching degree with no loss of credit earned. Students having earned an Associate of Science degree are not considered to have automatically met all UIS general education requirements; however, students who believe they have met the requirements (e.g., through the Illinois Articulation Core Curriculum) may request an academic review by submitting a Student Petition. About one-third of UIS’ bachelor’s degree programs have no specific course requirements for entry. The remaining degree programs, however, do have certain prerequisites in place. Transfer guides for all Illinois community colleges are available on the Office of Admission website to help students plan their courses of study.  Students from out-of-state institutions should consult with their academic advisor regarding course applicability toward degree requirements.

Many UIS undergraduate programs have also entered into articulation agreements (two-plus-two agreements) with academic programs at community colleges, making it easier for students to plan an entire four-year course of study while still enrolled at another institution. Interested students should contact the transfer center at their community college for additional information or the Office of Admission website.

Reverse Transfer of Credit for Associate's Degree

Students who transfer to UIS who have earned at least 15 hours of transferable academic credit at an Illinois community college and completed a cumulative total of at least 60 credit hours of transferable credit at UIS and previously attended post secondary institutions may request a reverse transfer of credit from UIS to the community college previously attended for potential awarding of an associate's degree from the community college. Information will be sent from the Office of Records and Registration on an annual basis to those who are potentially eligible to participate. Interested students will be given the opportunity to opt-in by completing an authorization form releasing a transcript to the selected, previously attended, community college. UIS will then send a copy of the student’s transcript to the specified community college for review. The community college will contact the student regarding the potential awarding of an associate's degree. Any questions related to reverse transfer of credit should be directed to the Office of Records and Registration.