Visual Arts Minor

To earn a minor in Visual Arts, students must complete a minimum of 15 semester hours, which includes 12 hours of studio art courses and three to four hours of art history. Up to three hours of studio or art history transfer credit may be accepted. Students should consult with a visual arts academic advisor to ensure that they are meeting requirements as well as their individual needs.

Grading Policy

Students must earn a grade of C or better in all courses for the minor. Grades of C- or lower will not be accepted.

At least one upper-division ART course must be selected from either the studio or art history options.


Art History Courses
Select one of the Following:3-4
History of Art I
History of Art II
ECCE: European Cinema
ECCE: Symbolist Movement in Europe: 1850 - 1920
ECCE: Expatriate Paris
Modern Art History
Contemporary Art History
Women in Art: Discovering Her Story
Special Art History Studies
Philosophy of Art
Studio Art Courses
Select 12 hours from the following12
Two Dimensional Design
Three Dimensional Design
Drawing 1
Introduction to Ceramics
Introduction to Painting
Photography I
Introduction to Digital Media
Photography II
Painting II
Life Drawing
Screen Printing
Digital Media: Print
Digital Media: Web
Digital Media: Animation
Sculpture I
Sculpture II
Ceramics II
Visual Storytelling and Reporting
Special Studies In Ceramics
Painting III
Painting IV
Printmaking II
Printmaking III
Special Studies In Sculpture
Contemporary Drawing
Digital Media: Typography
Sculpture III
Sculpture IV - Contemporary
Ceramics III
Ceramics IV
Advanced Visual Field Reporting
Special Studio Studies
Total Hours15-16