Art History Minor

The Art History minor is a 15-16 credit hour course of study focusing on the foundations, meanings, and implications of the history of art. The undergraduate minor is designed for students wanting to gain an insight into different aspects of art history; understand how art history is related to culture and history; and recognize how the visual arts affects who we are as individuals, contributes to our humanity, and deepens our understanding of the relationships between humans and society.

Grading Policy

Students must earn a grade of C or better in all courses for the minor. Grades of C- or lower will not be accepted.


Required Courses
ART 261History of Art I3
ART 262History of Art II3
ART 472Art History Minor Capstone2
Any 2 of the following upper level art history classes7-8
ECCE: European Cinema
ECCE: Arts and Identity in Pacific Island Cultures
ECCE: Symbolist Movement in Europe: 1850 - 1920
ECCE: Expatriate Paris
Modern Art History
Contemporary Art History
Women in Art: Discovering Her Story
Special Art History Studies
Total Hours15-16