Applied Business Analytics Concentration

An Applied Business Analytics concentration in the Bachelor of Science degree will provide students with the opportunity to specialize in an area of applied business analytics that is extremely relevant in public, for-profit, or non-profit organizations that require the skills of business analytics. The concentration will build upon the strengths of the UIS undergraduate general education requirements, existing CBM foundation and existing CBM college core course work to develop competencies that will prepare students for success in diverse areas of business such as business analysts.


  1. Acquire knowledge of the history, evolution, current development, and the basic concepts central to business analytics

  2. Apply data visualization, machine learning, artificial intelligence for effective business problem solving

  3. Conduct business analytics using data mining techniques and know and where to find qualified data/resources to interpret the impact on business and institutions

  4. Obtain hands-on experience in business analytics processes from problem identification, data collection, data exploration, descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analysis, and result interpretation

All majors in the College of Business and Management require foundation knowledge in accounting, economics, mathematics, and statistics. Several of these courses also fulfill UIS general education requirements. Students must earn a minimum grade of C- in each course and a cumulative GPA of at least 2.00 across all foundation courses. UIS courses that satisfy the foundation knowledge requirements include:


Foundation Requirements (Junior or senior standing required to enroll in ACC 311 and ECO 315) 1
Required Courses
ACC 211
ACC 212
Introduction to Financial Accounting
and Introduction to Managerial Accounting
or ACC 311 Administrative Uses of Accounting
ECO 213Statistics for Business and Economics3
or MAT 121 Applied Statistics
ECO 201
ECO 202
Introduction to Microeconomics
and Introduction to Macroeconomics
or ECO 315 Economics for Administration
Total Hours11-15

Course work equivalent to the above may be accepted upon approval by the student’s advisor and the College of Business and Management by a Student Petition. 

College Core Requirements:
BUS 312Principles of Marketing3
BUS 322Principles of Operations Management3
BUS 331ECCE: Business, Ethics, and Society3
FIN 302Principles of Financial Management3
MGT 310Managing Organizational Behavior3
MGT 330Business and Managerial Communication3
MGT 488Strategic Management: The Capstone 13
MIS 352Principles of Management Information Systems3
MIS 376Business Analytics3
Total Hours27

All MIS undergraduate majors must complete 18 core credit hours to fulfill the degree requirements as follows:

Applied Business Analytics Concentration Requirements
MIS 377Visual Analytics for Business3
MIS 385Data and Information Management3
MIS 471Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning3
MIS 473Data Mining and Predictive Analytics3
MIS 476Business Analytics Practicum3
One Elective Course (Select from the following)3
Human Resource Analytics
Research Methods and Analytics in Marketing
Other subject-oriented analytics courses approved by MIS Department (e.g., Python, Marketing Analytics; Financial Analytics; Accounting Analytics)
Total Hours18
Engaged Citizenship Common Experience (ECCE) 110