Public Health/Public Administration (MPH/MPA) Joint Degree

The MPH Program and the MPA Program have established a joint degree in accordance with university policy. Students interested in this joint degree can contact either the MPA or MPH office. This joint degree requires two separate program applications. Students must meet entrance requirements for each. Students may complete a joint degree with a total of 74 credit hours, compared to a total of 84 for the two degrees separately. Students pursuing this joint degree will be required to complete an appropriate closure exercise in each of the two degree organizations. Students must submit a graduation application for each degree by the applicable deadline and will earn two separate degrees.


MPA Core Requirements
PAD 501Introduction to the Profession3
PAD 502Organization Dynamics3
PAD 503Analytical Tools3
PAD 504Budget And Finance3
PAD 505Human Resource Management3
PAD 506Public Policy for Managers3
PAD 507Information for Decision Making3
Electives 1
At least six hours of elective courses must be selected from Public Administration (PAD) courses. Any combination of PAD 400- or 500-level courses may count toward the MPA degree. Only one 400-level elective from a program outside the Department of Public Administration may be counted toward the MPA
Master Closure 2
PAD 571Capstone Seminar3
PAD 572Capstone Seminar Continuing Enrollment0
Total Hours24

Courses that essentially duplicate or cover prerequisite-level material, even though such courses may be offered by other programs at the 500-level or higher, do not count. A total of four hours of internship credits are creditable toward the MPA and are considered inside elective credits.


Campus policy requires that PAD majors, who enroll in PAD 571 but who do not complete the course in one semester, must enroll in PAD 572 Capstone Seminar Continuing Enrollment  (zero credit hours, one billable hour), each fall and spring semester until the course work is completed.

MPH Core Requirements
MPH 501Introduction to Public Health4
MPH 503Biostatistics4
MPH 506Research Methods in Public Health4
MPH 511Epidemiology4
MPH 521Introduction to Environmental Health4
MPH 531Public Health Policy4
MPH 561Public Health Education4
MPH 581Internship4
Concentration Courses
Social Determinants of Health (Required)4
Social Determinants of Health
Advanced Epidemiology (Select one course from the following)4
Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases
Epidemiology of Chronic Diseases
Analytical Epidemiology
Advanced Public Health Policy (Select one course from the following)4
Program Evaluation for Public Health
Health Economics
Introduction to Health Services and Administration
Total Hours44
Master Closure 1
MPH 579Comprehensive Examination0
MPH 583Comprehensive Exam Continuing Enrollment0

Students MUST complete the MPH 579 Comprehensive Examination. No credit hours are awarded for completion of the exam. Students who do not complete this examination during their final semester of study must enroll in MPH 583 (zero credit hours, one billable credit hour) each regular semester (fall/spring) until they pass the exam