Public Health/Human Services (MPH/HMS) Joint Degree

The MPH/HMS joint degree is a 71 credit hour master degree option that requires students to take 40 credit hours from MPH and 28 credit hours from HMS, plus a 4 credit hour internship from the MPH Program. Students take core classes from both MPH and HMS, as well as concentration and elective courses. Closure exercises from both departments are required. All prerequisites from each department apply. Interested students must meet with an academic advisor prior to enrolling. Students must submit a graduation application for each degree by the applicable deadline and will earn two separate degrees. 


MPH Core Courses
MPH 501Introduction to Public Health4
MPH 503Biostatistics4
MPH 506Research Methods in Public Health4
MPH 511Epidemiology4
MPH 521Introduction to Environmental Health4
MPH 531Public Health Policy4
MPH 561Public Health Education4
HMS Core Courses
HMS 501Critical Perspectives in Human Services3
HMS 511Social Policy and Human Services3
HMS 514Staff Development and Supervision3
HMS 516Ethics and Professional Development3
Internship Requirement
MPH 581Internship 1,24
MPH Concentration Courses
Social Determinants of Health (Required)4
Social Determinants of Health
Advanced Epidemiology (Select one course from the following)4
Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases
Epidemiology of Chronic Diseases
Analytical Epidemiology
Advanced Public Health Policy (Select one course from the following)4
Program Evaluation for Public Health
Health Economics
Introduction to Health Services and Administration
HMS Elective Courses12
Select three courses from one of the following concentrations:
Alcohol and Substance Abuse
Advanced Interviewing and Intervention
Alcoholism and Substance Abuse
Assessment and Treatment of Substance Abuse
Dual Diagnosis and Relapse Prevention
Child and Family Studies
Advanced Interviewing and Intervention
Alcoholism and Substance Abuse
Child Abuse And Neglect
Treating Children from Diverse Populations
Family Dynamics and Intervention
Psychology Of Aging
Perspectives on Aging
Social Services Administration
Sociology of Death, Dying, and Bereavement
Aging And The Human Services
Grant Writing in Human Services
Nursing Home Administration
The Psycho-Social Aspects of Aging in the 21st Century
Senior Care Administration
Financial Management in the Nonprofit Sector
Social Service Administration
Organizational Behavior
Staff Development and Supervision
Social Services Administration
Introduction to Nonprofit Management
Grant Writing in Human Services
Organization Dynamics
Human Resource Management
Marketing for Public and Nonprofit Organizations
Fund Raising for Public and Nonprofit Organizations
Closure Exercises
HMS 585HMS Capstone3
MPH Comprehensive Examination 3
Total Hours71