Theatre Minor

Grading Policy

Students must earn a grade of C or better in all THE courses that apply toward the minor in Theatre (grades of C- or lower will not be accepted). Courses taken on a CR/NC basis will not count toward the minor in Theatre. The course grading policy is determined by each instructor as appropriate to the individual course and is announced at the beginning of the term. THE courses may be repeated for grade improvement only once.

The Theatre minor is available to all UIS majors. Required course work includes an introductory course, a performance course, a technical theatre course, and a theatre practicum course. Elective courses include a continuation of the acting course, a design course, and various other survey and studio courses for a total of 18-19 credit hours.


Required Courses
THE 108Principles of Stagecraft 14
THE 273Principles of Acting 14
THE 274Theatre Appreciation 13
THE 475Theatre Practicum1,2
Elective Courses
Select 2 from the following courses. Please note, additional eligible courses may be added
Principles of Costume Construction and Stage Makeup
Principles of Theatre Design
Topics in Theatre Production
Topics in Dramatic Literature
Voice and Movement
Women Playwrights
Intermediate Acting
Theatre History I 1
Theatre Practicum 2
Directing for the Theatre
Playing Shakespeare
Total Hours12-13