History Minor

To earn a minor in History, students must complete a minimum of 17 semester hours, including 14 hours of upper-division course work at UIS. Transfer credit is evaluated on a case-by-case basis through a Student Petition. Students should consult with a History Department faculty member in designing and meeting the requirements for a minor.

Grading Policy

History courses for which the student has attained a grade of C or better will be applied toward the HIS minor (grades of C- or lower will not be counted). History courses taken as CR/NC will be applied toward the minor if a grade of CR is attained. Courses may be repeated for grade improvement only once without seeking department approval.


Lower-Division Requirements
One Course Emphasizing Historical Regions or Themes
Select one course from the following region or theme options:4
World History
Making of the West
Gods & Heroes of Early Europe
Comparative Religion
Topics in Comparative Religion
European History
History of Russia: Peter I to Putin
United States
U.S. History to 1877
U.S. History Since 1877
Middle East
Topics in Middle Eastern History
Introduction to the Modern Middle East
Women in the Middle East
Upper-Division Requirements
HIS 301The Historian's Craft3
Select one Upper-Division History Elective Course in non-U.S. History from the following:
Topics in Warfare
ECCE: Culture Wars/Europe
Islamic Civilization
ECCE: Reading Arab Pasts
ECCE: Conflict in the Middle East
ECCE: Christian-Muslim Encounters
ECCE: Democracy and Democratic Theory
Alexander the Great
ECCE: Cleopatra's Egypt
Rise of Rome
Caesar to Charlemagne
Ancient Sport and Spectacle
Studies in Latin American History
ECCE: Conflict in 19th Century Europe
Europe In The 20th Century
Topics in 20th Century World History
ECCE: The Pacific War: World War II in East Asia
Imperial Russia
Russia from the Revolution to the New Cold War
ECCE: Nationalism and Imperialism
Modern China
Premodern Japan
ECCE: From Vikings to Hackers: A Pirate's World History
Topics in Pre-Modern World History
Women in Chinese and Japanese History
Samurai in History and Romance
Cold War and the Middle East
History of Christmas
Eastern Christianity
Upper-Division History Electives
Options: Any 300-level or 400-level HIS course not used to fulfill another HIS minor requirement7
Total Hours14