Philosophy Minor

The minor in Philosophy is open to all undergraduate students at UIS. The minor consists of four classes (at least 15 hours), at least eight hours of which must be upper-division classes taken in Philosophy at UIS, with at least one course in each of the following areas:


Critical Thinking or Logic3-4
Critical Thinking
Rationality and Moral Choice
Values (Ethics, Aesthetics, Political Philosophy)2-4
Ethics, Love & Goals of Life
Contemporary American Political Philosophy
Feminist Theories
Philosophy of Art
Moral Theory
Rationality and Moral Choice
Moral Values in Political Philosophy
Topics in Normative Philosophy
Social Philosophy
History of Philosophy4
Person, Identity, and Dignity
Ancient & Medieval Philosophy
History of Modern Philosophy
Readings in the History of Philosophy
Elective (Any class or independent study in philosophy)3-4
Total Hours 15-16