Graduate Certificate in Women and Gender Studies

The program is not accepting applications for the Women and Gender Studies graduate certificate at this time.

This certificate is designed to enable students to develop a graduate-level understanding of women and gender. It may be taken without pursuing a master’s degree or may be incorporated into a graduate degree.

The certificate will be particularly valuable in preparing students for careers that require expertise on gender. These include the broad areas of law and advocacy, healthcare and medicine, social work, education, counseling, human relations and resources, and government or public service. As the workplace and public life becomes increasingly complex and diverse, both the private and public sector want employees with sensitivity to gender and women’s issues such as sexual harassment, flex-time, parental leave, violence against women, pay equity, and equal employment opportunities, to name a few.

Women and Gender Studies and other departments offer a large number of 400-level, cross-listed WGS courses and a small number of 500-level courses.


Required Courses
WGS 501Feminist Theories II4
WGS graduate-level electives (400- or 500-level) 18-12
Total Hours12-16