Environmental Planning and Management Concentration

This curriculum prepares students for professional positions in environmental planning and management. Objectives are to enable students to:

  1. Understand principles and practices of environmental planning and management
  2. Analyze United States’ environmental policies as they relate to environmental planning
  3. Apply tools and techniques for preparing and implementing effective environmental plans
  4. Evaluate effectiveness of environmental management plans


Core Requirements
ENS 551Environmental Natural Sciences4
ENS 552Environmental Social Sciences and Humanities4
ENS 553Research Methods in Environmental Science4
Concentration Courses
ENS 403Transportation: Problems and Planning Procedures4
or ENS 501 Land Use and Environmental Planning
ENS 404Fundamentals of Geographic Information Systems4
or ENS 503 Advanced GIS Applications
ENS 587Natural Resources: Policy and Administration4
Elective Courses
Select electives in consulation with academic advisor.12
Closure - Choose 14
Graduate Project
Capstone Closure
Total Hours40