Graduate Certificate in Healthcare Analytics

Healthcare organizations require professionals who can generate meaningful insight and make data-driven decisions from the massive amount of data generated by the digital system. As a fast-growing field, various healthcare informatics applications, such as electronic health records, electronic billing, and data analytics, are becoming critical to the development and success of health services. The Certificate in Healthcare Analytics provides business and technology practitioners, healthcare professionals, and other informatics professionals with the knowledge and skills necessary to collaborate in the design, development, and adoption of Healthcare Analytics applications in organization. This certificate develops graduate students' analytical thinking, data analytics skills, and problem-solving skills in healthcare informatics.

Course Prerequisites

Students enrolled in courses for the Online Graduate Accelerated Programs (GAP) must be registered and pay all tuition, fees, and assessments by the program’s deadline each semester.

Grading Policy

Candidates for the certificate will be expected to complete course requirements with a grade of B (3.0) or better (a grade of B- or lower is not acceptable) 


HCI 513Introduction to Healthcare Informatics3
HCI 542Database Concepts for Healthcare Management3
HCI 576Data Mining in Healthcare3
Total Hours9