Graduate Certificate in Cybersecurity Policy and Implementation

Organizations' reliance on internet technology and information systems is increasing, and for this reason, the need to protect confidential information and to reduce information security risks has become vital. Besides using technological tools, organizations need to define and implement effective cybersecurity policies and procedures to mitigate cybersecurity attacks. The graduate certificate in Cybersecurity Policy and Implementation provides knowledge of cybersecurity management, policy development and important information security issues to students. This knowledge is highly desirable to organizations in need of guidance on how to define effective cybersecurity policies to prevent data breaches and cybersecurity attacks. 

Course Prerequisites

Students enrolled in courses for the Online Graduate Accelerated Programs (GAP) must be registered and pay all tuition, fees, and assessments by the program’s deadline each semester.

Grading Policy

Candidates for the certificate will be expected to complete course requirements with a grade of B (3.0) or better (a grade of B- or lower is not acceptable), and a cumulative B (3.0) GPA across the curriculum.


MIS 513Management Information Systems 13
MIS 579Cybersecurity Management3
MIS 593Cybersecurity Policy3
Total Hours9

All MBA students may use MIS 525 as a substitute for MIS 513.