Records and Important Information

Course Numbering System

The three-letter prefix indicates that the course is in a particular academic program (e.g., SWK – Social Work) or is offered by a particular unit (e.g., CAP – Capital Scholars Honors); UNI – University courses are offered by a number of units across campus and are open to all students. CAP courses are open only to students enrolled in the Capital Scholars Honors Program.

The three-digit identifying number signifies who may enroll in the course for credit, as follows:

000-099 Open to all students. An academic preparation course is generally appropriate for first-year students or transfer students fulfilling lower-division requirements.
100-199 Open to all students. An introductory course is generally appropriate for first-year students or transfer students fulfilling lower-division requirements.
200-299 Open to all students who have completed the 100-level prerequisites, if any.
300-399 Generally intended for juniors and seniors, but others may register if they have completed the 200-level prerequisites, if any.
400-499 Advanced undergraduate, as well as master’s students. Individual master’s programs may limit the use of 400-level course work. Master’s students should contact their program for additional information.
500-599 Master’s students and doctoral students. The doctoral program may limit the use of 500-level course work. Doctoral students should contact their program for additional information.
600-699 Doctoral students.

The following terminology is associated with UIS course numbers. Courses numbered 000 to 099 are considered academic preparation courses and cannot be used to meet degree requirements. Courses numbered 100 to 299 are considered lower-division undergraduate courses. Courses numbered 300 to 399 are considered upper-division undergraduate courses. Courses numbered 400 to 499 are considered upper-division undergraduate courses or graduate courses, depending on the level of the student at the time the course is taken. Courses numbered 500 to 699 are considered graduate courses (though they can be considered as upper-division undergraduate or graduate courses, depending on the level of the student at the time of enrollment).

Diplomas and Transcripts

The Office of Records and Registration will issue official transcripts of a student’s UIS academic record when the student submits a formal request. A fee is charged for each transcript at the time the request is made. Specific information about requesting and paying for transcripts can be found on the Office of Records and Registration's website, as well as information pertaining to requesting a replacement/duplicate diploma. Diplomas and transcripts are not withheld due to outstanding financial obligations.

Final Exam Schedule

Final exams at UIS are scheduled during the last week of the semester in the fall and spring. Specific information pertaining to the final exam schedule can be found on the Office of Records and Registration's website. Please note that if a specific class day/time is not included in the list, students should ask their course instructor for the day/time and place of the exam.

Grading and Grade Changes

All mid-term and final course grades are initially assigned by the instructor of record each semester. Once submitted, mid-term grades cannot be changed. Subsequent grade changes for final grades can only be initiated by the instructor of record who must sign and submit a Grade Change Form to the Office of Records and Registration. In the instructor’s absence, the dean of the college in which the course was taken, the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, or the appropriate associate vice chancellor for undergraduate or graduate education may sign the Grade Change Form.


All students at UIS enrolled in at least one on-campus or blended course must carry medical/hospital insurance coverage during the fall, spring, and summer semesters. Students enrolled in any non-online class will be automatically assessed the UIS student insurance fee. Complete withdrawals made within the first 30 days of classes without the student having used the insurance, or students ordered to active military duty, are eligible for a pro-rated refund of the insurance assessment. Students with equivalent coverage outside of the University’s plan may file an online waiver to exempt out, via the link provided on the Student Insurance website. This process must be completed annually. Exemption waivers must be submitted no later than the posted deadline for the applicable semester. Exceptions may include late registering students who may be allowed additional time to submit a waiver. Please note that students enrolled in only online course work for a given semester are ineligible to participate in the Student Insurance Program. Questions should be directed to the Office of Health Services.

Network ID (NetID) and Email Information

Every enrolled student at UIS is assigned a Network ID (Net ID) and email address. The NetID is used to access information technology resources such as online courses, online library databases and journals, and email. Emails from faculty, the Registrar, and important campus-wide announcements are sent to students via their official (University-assigned) email address. Students are required to check their official email throughout the semester. For questions about NetIDs and student email accounts, contact the UIS Technology Support Center at 217/206-6000 or toll free within Illinois at 877/847-0443.


All full - and part-time registered day and night students, as well as faculty and staff, must purchase and display a parking hang tag for the vehicle they park on campus. Parking hang tags are mandatory. Additional information can be found on the Parking Operations website.

Professional Licensure Disclosures

The University of Illinois Springfield provides public licensure disclosures pursuant to 34 CFR 668.43(a)(5)(v) for educational programs designed to meet or advertised as meeting requirements for professional licensure or certification. These public licensure disclosures also address requirements found in 38 C.F.R. Part 21 relating to veterans’ education benefits.

Records Policy for Students

In accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, students have the right to inspect and review their official UIS records, to request corrections, and to limit access to such records. Students have the right to withhold the disclosure of all directory information. For additional information, please see the Student Record Policy on the Office of Records and Registration’s website.

Sex Discrimination, Sexual Harassment and Other Sexual Misconduct

The University of Illinois System Statement on Sex Discrimination, Sexual Harassment and other Sexual Misconduct reiterates that the University of Illinois prohibits and will not tolerate sex discrimination, sexual harassment and other sexual misconduct in its education programs and activities. Should you have any questions regarding the Statement or any related system or university policies and procedures, please contact the UIS Title IX Coordinator at the number or email address included in the Statement.

State Approving Agency Certification

Effective August 1, 2019, the University of Illinois Springfield is in compliance with Title 38, Veterans' Benefits, Part III, Readjustment and Related Benefits, Section 3679, Disapproval of courses, Subsection e. [38 U.S. Code 3679(e)].