Finance Minor

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To earn a minor in finance, a student must complete a minimum of 28 semester hours of course work.

Required Courses

ACC 211Introduction to Financial Accounting3
ACC 212Introduction to Managerial Accounting3
ECO 213Statistics for Business and Economics (or MAT 121 Applied Statistics)3
MAT 113Business Calculus (or Mat 114 Finite Math, MAT 115 Calculus I, or MAT 116 Calculus II)4
ECO 201
ECO 202
Introduction to Microeconomics
and Introduction to Macroeconomics
or ECO 315 Economics for Administration
BUS 302Principles of Financial Management3
BUS 443Financial Investment Analysis3
or BUS 444 Intermediate Financial Management
Select one of the following finance-related electives (or other BUS/ECO/ACC electives approved by the program):3
Federal Income Taxation
Topics in Finance
Financial Investment Analysis 1
Intermediate Financial Management 1
Financial Institution Management
Financial Economics
Theory of Finance and Applications
Total Hours28