BA/MPA Public Administration Joint Degree

This curriculum is designed to reduce the time to complete a master's degree for undergraduates wishing to prepare for a public service or nonprofit career. It is an Accelerated Joint Degree program that makes it possible for an undergraduate student majoring in public and nonprofit administration to complete course work applied to the Master of Public Administration degree, thus reducing their time to completion.

In the Accelerated BA/MPA program, students will meet all MPA program prerequisites by meeting the requirements of the BA program. In Addition students will receive credit towards the MPA for the following:

  • PAD 501: Induction to the Profession.  The program will waive the introductory MPA course because students will already have experienced an introduction to the profession through the acquisition of the BA/MPA
  • Core or Elective Credit: BA/MPA students can also take up to 9 hours of 400/500 level PAD core or elective credits to also be applied to the MPA. Thus the Accelerated undergraduate student would have 12 hours to apply to the MPA.  As a graduate student, they must complete any remaining core and elective courses, as outlined below, not included in those 12-credit hours.


Remaining core (21 total hours):
PAD 502Organization Dynamics3
PAD 503Analytical Tools3
PAD 504Budget And Finance3
PAD 505Human Resource Management3
PAD 506Public Policy for Managers3
PAD 507Information for Decision Making3
PAD 571Capstone Seminar3
Total Hours21
Electives (up to four (4) hours can be internship 112