Politics and Diplomacy Concentration

Select four of the following Electives:12-16
Geopolitics: Geographical Aspects of International Affairs
Islamic Civilization
ECCE: Conflict in the Middle East
ECCE: Christian-Muslim Encounters
American Foreign Relations in the 20th Century
Europe In The 20th Century
Topics in 20th Century World History
ECCE: Nationalism and Imperialism
Modern China
Modern Japan
Cold War and the Middle East
American Law in Comparative Perspective
International Human Rights Law: Skills and Advocacy
ECCE: Political Ideas and Ideologies
ECCE: Global Issues
ECCE: Politics and Religion: Culture Wars
ECCE: Economic Analysis
International Law and Organizations
ECCE: Latin American Politics
Politics of Western Europe
Foreign Policy Analysis
Terrorism and Public Policy
War and Peace
American Foreign Policy
International Politics of the Middle East
Russian Politics
National Model United Nations
and Model United Nations
Global Social Change and Transnational Movements
ECCE: Women Across Cultures
Total Hours12-16