Secondary Education Mathematics

Course work for TEP Secondary Education Mathematics candidates falls into six categories:  general education, introductory courses, core courses, methods courses, content area courses, and student teaching.

Introductory Courses
TEP 207Foundations of American Education3
TEP 223Adolescent Development for Teachers3
TEP 224Exceptional Child for Teachers3
TEP 227Educational Psychology for Teachers3
Total Hours12
Core Courses
TEP 305Technology For Teaching3
TEP 315Managing the Diverse Classroom3
TEP 318Curriculum, Planning, and Assessment3
Total Hours9
Methods Courses
TEP 415Teaching in Secondary Schools3
TEP 419Content Area Literacy Methods3
TEP 436Mathematics Methods for Middle and Secondary Grades3
Total Hours9


Content Courses
MAT 103Trigonometry2
MAT 115Calculus I4
MAT 116Calculus II4
MAT/CSC 302Discrete Mathematics4
MAT 332Linear Algebra4
MAT 401History Of Mathematics4
MAT 403Abstract Algebra4
MAT 404Geometry4
MAT 421Statistical Methods4
Electives - MAT/CSC 100-2006
Electives - MAT/CSC 300-400 6
Total Hours46

Secondary candidates who have completed all general education requirements; all introductory, core, and methods courses; and all course work for content area, and all other requirements will be eligible to complete student teaching.

Candidates are required to apply for student teaching. Applications are to be completed with the TEP advisor within the prescribed time frame. Candidates must complete a state and federal background check as directed by the host district prior to the start of student teaching.

Student Teaching
TEP 449Middle Grade and High School Student Teaching Seminar3
TEP 451ECCE: Student Teaching - Middle Grade and High School9
Total Hours12