MPH Environmental Health

Degree Requirements

The MPH-EH will require a minimum of 48 credit hours.  The 48 hours of MPH-EH coursework is comprised of 32 hours of core coursework, 12 hours of concentration-specific core courses and 4 hours of elective coursework for a total of 48 credit hours.  A choice of 5 elective courses will be available to students, allowing them to choose the one course that best fits their interests and career goals.  The closure requirement for the MPH-EH will be a comprehensive examination.

Required Core Courses for MPH-EH Degree

All degrees offered by the MPH department require that students complete 32 hours of core courses, including a four-hour internship, 12 hours of major specific core courses, and a 4-hour elective course.
MPH 501Introduction to Public Health4
MPH 503Biostatistics4
MPH 506Research Methods in Public Health4
MPH 511Epidemiology4
MPH 521Introduction to Environmental Health4
MPH 531Public Health Policy4
MPH 561Public Health Education4
MPH 581Internship 14
Major Specific Core
MPH 449Environmental Toxicology4
MPH 526Risk Management and Communication4
MPH 527Environmental Risk Assessment4
Elective (Choose 1)
Environmental Policies: Water Quality
Air and Water Quality
Solid and Hazardous Waste
Food Safety Practice
Occupational Safety and Health