Health Policy Concentration

Students must complete 36 semester hours, including the Capstone course in which they will complete the master’s closure exercise

The program will consist of 36 hours, 24 core, and 12 electives. 

Core courses (3 hours per class unless otherwise specified):
PAD 503Analytical Tools3
Analysis: Must take PAD 503 and choose one from the remaining two analytics courses3
Informatics for Public Policy
Advanced Analytical Tools: Forecasting, Time Series Analysis, and Predictive Analytics
Policy and Economics: All Required
PAD 504Budget And Finance3
PAD 506Public Policy for Managers3
PAD 508Economics and Public Policy3
PAD 531Public Policy Analysis3
PAD 533Program Evaluation3
Closure Exercise Required
PAD 573Capstone in Public Policy3
Total Hours24

Students will also complete 12 hours of Public Administration and Public Policy Electives or approved graduate coursework from another department.  These 12 hours may be used to complete a concentration or Graduate Certificate. (Note, if a student elects to pursue the Graduate Geographic Information System Certificate, they will exceed the typical MPP 36 hours and will take 39 hours).

Health Policy (Offered Through Public Health)
MPH 531Public Health Policy4
Choose up to two additional courses:
Research Methods in Public Health
Program Evaluation for Public Health
Social Determinants of Health
Health Economics
Introduction to Health Services and Administration
Total Hours4