American History Concentration

The American History concentration stresses research and study of topics pertinent to the origins and development of the United States, the land, its people, and its place in the world.

American History Concentration Core Requirements
HIS 501Graduate History Colloquium4
HIS 503Researching and Writing History4
HIS 510Graduate Readings Seminar 14
HIS 510Graduate Readings Seminar 14
HIS 580Thesis8
Select one of the following:4
Public History Colloquium
American Material Life
Historic Environmental Preservation
American Architectural History
Museum and Society
Additional HIS 510
History and Digital Media
Oral History Methods
Policy History
Select three of the following: 212
African-American History
ECCE: Civil Rights Movement of the Twentieth Century
Colonial America
Revolutionary America
United States, 1790-1840
United States, 1840-1890
United States, 1890-1945
United States, 1945-Present
The Sixties
Topics In U.S. History
The Civil War and Reconstruction
American Urban History
American Foreign Relations in the 20th Century
The American Presidency
Intellectual Origins of the American Revolution
American Political Thought from the Revolution to the 20th Century
ECCE: Sports and US History
American Westward Expansion
Major Figures in History
American Revivalism and Christian Religion
ECCE: Women of Color and Minority Women
ECCE: History of the Family
Fashion History
ECCE: Rebels and Revolutionaries: Female Activism in the United States
Additional HIS 510
Elective History Course (European, World, or Public history) 24
Total Hours44