General Environmental Sciences Concentration

The curriculum for the MS in Environmental Sciences allows students to gain strong scientific understanding of ways to study, evaluate, and interpret environmental realities and their impacts, as well as to manage and mitigate environmental problems. Objectives are to enable students to:

  1. Develop a basic literacy in the natural and social sciences and the humanities as they contribute to an understanding of environmental issues
  2. Critically analyze environmental problems
  3. Identify, research, and evaluate environmental problems
  4. Compare, contrast, implement, and manage short- and long-term solutions to environmental problems. The department recommends that students interested in the Environmental Sciences degree have prior knowledge of chemistry, algebra, statistics, and biology


Core Requirements
ENS 551Environmental Natural Sciences4
ENS 552Environmental Social Sciences and Humanities4
ENS 553Research Methods in Environmental Science4
General Environmental Sciences Concentration 1
Select electives in consultation with academic advisor24
ENS 510Thesis4
or ENS 520 Graduate Project
Total Hours40