Marriage, Couple, and Family Counseling Concentration

Students pursuing careers in marriage, couple, and family counseling should begin to explore relevant populations and settings when enrolled in HDC 501. Course assignments thereafter should be designed to develop knowledge and skills specific to the emphasis chosen. In order to develop and demonstrate skills unique to their selected concentration, marriage, couple and family counseling students must take four specialization courses that emphasize working systemically within relational contexts. Clinical experience placements for marriage, couple, and family counseling students will take place in approved community agencies. Students enrolled in the marriage, couple, and family counseling concentration must complete a minimum of 120 hours of direct service in marriage, couple, or family counseling during their practicum and internship (combined). Consultation with the marriage, couple, and family counseling concentration coordinator is required to ensure curricular and clinical experience requirements are met.

The Marriage, Couple, and Family Counseling (MCFC) concentration within the HDC department includes four additional courses (12 credit hours) beyond the core curriculum of 49 credit hours for a total of 61 required credit hours. 

Core Curriculum
HDC 501Fundamental Issues and Ethics in Counseling3
HDC 511Theories of Counseling3
HDC 512Prepracticum3
HDC 513Group Counseling3
HDC 515Multicultural Counseling3
HDC 521Developmental Counseling3
HDC 524Career/Lifestyle Counseling3
HDC 525Alcoholism and Substance Abuse3
HDC 533Family Dynamics3
HDC 543Consultation and Crisis Intervention3
HDC 546Psychopathology and the DSM3
HDC 575Appraisal Techniques in Counseling3
HDC 577Research Methods3
HDC 585Comprehensive Examination Registration1
HDC 587Professional Experience: Practicum3
HDC 590Professional Experience: Internship1-6
Concentration Requirements
HDC 534Introduction To Family Counseling3
HDC 537Couple Counseling3
HDC 545Sexual Dysfunction and Family Violence3
HDC 558Theories of Family Counseling3
Total Hours61

All course work should emphasize specialized knowledge and skills needed for a particular setting or client population.