Graduate Certificate in Cybersecurity Administration

The purpose of the Graduation Certificate in Cybersecurity Administration is to provide cybersecurity professionals or graduate students aspiring to pursue careers in cybersecurity units within for-profit organizations, mainly in the Central Illinois area, with knowledge of cybersecurity threats, practices, legal and ethical issues, and how to manage cybersecurity strategy, projects, and personnel.  MBA students as well as ACC, MIS, and CSC graduate students may benefit from this certificate program, if they are interested in pursuing careers related to cybersecurity.

Entrance and Course Requirements

Students must hold a baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution and meet campus requirements for admission to graduate study. Candidates for the certificate will be expected to complete course requirements with a grade of C (2.0) or better (a grade of C- or lower is not acceptable), and a cumulative B (3.0) GPA across the curriculum.

Required Courses

To earn the graduate Certificate in Cybersecurity Administration, students will complete three required courses (9 hours).
MIS 513Management Information Systems (MIS 525 - information Technology Management substitutable for MBA Students) 13
MIS 579Cybersecurity Management3
MIS 581Compliance and Legal Issues in Cybersecurity3
Total Hours9