Center for Academic Success
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The Center for Academic Success is an integrated set of student support services designed to maximize the capacity of students to complete their degrees at UIS. Six units make up the Center and the five listed below offer course work.  The sixth unit, Testing Services, provides academic support and does not offer course work.

Integrating these units into a single Center capitalizes on the strengths of our support units to provide enhanced quality of services, to promote greater awareness of and access to important academic support services for undergraduate and graduate students from all four UIS colleges, and to ensure cost-effective delivery of services.

Several of the units offer courses designed to meet UIS graduation requirements or to maximize student success and retention. Such courses provide specialized knowledge and skills in academic areas. Many of these courses are labeled university (UNI) courses, although other prefixes include LNG and IPL. Some UNI courses offered at UIS are not specifically related to the Center for Academic Success, but are offered through the Office of Undergraduate Education. Examples include UNI 301 ECCE: Speakers Series and UNI 312 Scholarships & Awards Workshop

Intensive English Program

Contact Information
Phone: (217) 206-8356
Location: BRK 460

The Intensive English Program (English Language Support Services) is an academic, intensive English program that aims at assisting international students to develop their English language proficiency to the level needed to pursue their education at UIS. The curriculum follows the guidelines and standards set forth by the CEA (Commission on English Language Program Accreditation).  The curriculum also promotes students’ acquisition of communicative competence by providing cultural learning opportunities outside the classroom.  The program also offers university bridge courses which offer university credit and act as a transition from the IEP to the university.

English as a Second Language courses are offered through this unit under the LNG prefix and include the following:

LNG 091ESL Reading and Writing2-4
LNG 092ESL Speaking and Listening2-4
LNG 101ESL Advanced Oral and Written Communication2-4

International Programs

Contact Information
Phone: (217) 206-8319/8318
Location: BRK 480 and 483

International Programs encompasses three distinct areas: study abroad; support for international faculty and staff including visa and permanent resident applications; and working with faculty, departments and colleges on international initiatives. The Office offers many student abroad opportunities, including short-term study programs, full semester and year-long exchange programs, and the means to take advantage of programs offered by other universities and program providers. The Office supports visiting and permanent international faculty and staff in applying for visas and permanent residency. International Programs is also involved in international online education, collaborative efforts with universities outside the USA, and in the creation of affiliation agreements between universities.

Students completing courses offered under the auspices of this unit receive ECCE Engagement Experience credit and may request ECCE Global Awareness credit by submitting a Student Petition form. These courses include:

UNI 460ECCE: Global Experience Seminar3-12
UNI 470ECCE: Global Experience Exchange4-18
UNI 480ECCE: Global Experience Program4-18
UNI 490ECCE: Global Experience Exchange ISEP4-16
UNI 499Tutorial1-12

Internships and Prior Learning

Contact Information
Phone: (217) 206-6640
Location: BRK 482

The Internships and Prior Learning Program stresses practical experience, professional development, and the value of self-directed learning.  Three programs are housed within Internships and Prior Learning:  Internships, Service-Learning and Prior Learning Assessment.

Internship Services

Internships stress practical experience, professional development, and self-directed learning by providing an academically sponsored learning experience through internships or projects that provide an opportunity to learn from the community. Only degree-seeking UIS students can participate. Internships are available at local businesses, non-profit organizations, health service organizations, state agencies, legislative offices, and educational institutions. Some programs have their own experiential component integrated into the curriculum. These internships fulfill portions of the Engaged Citizenship Common Experience.

These experiences allow students to apply theory, expand knowledge, determine additional learning needs, explore careers, and develop public awareness. The program emphasizes self-directed learning, providing extremely useful opportunities for students including:

  • Career exploration
  • Exploration of additional learning needs (i.e., Do I want to go to grad school?)
  • Development of skills and experience that can be added to a resume
  • Networking opportunities with professionals in the field
  • Increased awareness of community, diversity, and public affairs

To earn credit, students must enroll in a class with an IPL prefix while completing the internship or project.


Service-Learning courses combine learning with providing service to communities in need. The service that students perform is combined with self-reflection, self-discovery, and new learning skills and knowledge. Not only do service-learning courses enrich students' learning experience, but they also fulfill portions of the Engaged Citizenship Common Experience.

Prior Learning Assessment

Prior Learning Assessment allows qualified students to earn academic credit for college-level learning acquired outside the classroom and is particularly valuable to those with an extensive background in a profession, in workshops or seminars, in community service and volunteer work, in relevant travel or hobbies, and/or in independent research. The office also houses service-learning course work that increases student awareness of community issues and require students to complete volunteer service hours.  The UIS Prior Learning Assessment program guides students through the development of this experiential learning portfolio.  Prior Learning Assessment may fulfill course work in lower-division general education requirements and in the Engaged Citizenship Common Experience.

Students create their first model portfolio and can earn three to six credit hours for successful completion.  Prior Learning also facilitates the assessment process of additional experiential learning portfolios in some majors. Students may create additional portfolios for up to 12 additional credit hours, for a total of up to 16 credit hours of experiential learning, depending on the academic program.  Credit hours earned will be posted at the end of the applicable semester to official UIS academic transcripts with the designation of CPL (Credit for Prior Learning).

The Learning Hub

Contact Information
Phone: (217) 206-6503
Location: BRK 462

The Learning Hub offers free help to students in improving skills in writing, math and statistics, accounting/economics, science, academic/study skills, and, through a peer tutoring program, virtually any subject taught on the campus. The Hub offers help to students at UIS in a variety of ways, including one-on-one appointments, both in person and online; supplemental instruction; online, in-class, or on-ground workshops; walk-in writing events; handouts and tutorials on the Hub website; and many more.

The Learning Hub sponsors UNI courses that assist students with skills development, such as UNI 307 Directed Study Skills.

OASIS (Advising Services)

Contact Information
Phone: (217) 206-7471
Location: BRK 472

OASIS, the Office of Advising Services, Information, and Support, serves entering first year students, some sophomores, and undeclared transfer students. Academic advisors help students determine courses each semester, monitor student progress, and connect students with other services on campus. OASIS serves as a resource to other academic and student service units on campus, as well as to college and faculty advisors. OASIS administers the Starfish early alert system, providing a campus-wide early identification and intervention program. OASIS also hosts a living-learning community, STARS, and a peer advising program that provides support to help new students transition into college life through individual and small group interactions with a peer leader.

OASIS sponsors UNI 103 Academic Success Workshop, a course designed to assist freshmen and sophomores on probation to return to good academic standing.

Testing Services

Located in the Human Resources Building (HRB) Room 112, Testing Services is available for placement testing, exam proctoring, and certification exams.