Public Policy American Track

Following is a list of required courses. Students who believe that they have had a comparable course at a four-year or community college may petition the department to waive the course requirements. Students may petition to count a maximum of four courses as transfer credit toward the Public Policy major.

Students should consult with academic advisors in the major for specific guidance regarding completion of general education requirements. Students seeking a double major in Public Policy and Political Science (highly recommended) may count some of the prerequisites (201 and 371) and core (451) with Political Science.

Required Prerequisites9
ECO 201Introduction to Microeconomics3
PSC 201Introduction to the American Political System3
ECO 202Introduction to Macroeconomics3
Required Core Courses17
PSC 311Introduction to Public Policy3
PSC 326Ideas, Ethics, and Public Policy3
PSC 410Policy Analysis and Implementation3,4
PSC 451Empirical Political Analysis3,4
PSC 452ECCE: Economic Analysis3
PSC 487Public Policy Closing Seminar / Capstone2
or PSC 488 Honors Public Policy Closing Seminar / Capstone
Public Policy American Track Electives (choose three)9
PSC 402Legislative Politics3,4
PSC 403Public Opinion3,4
PSC 406The American Presidency3,4
PSC 408American Political Behavior3,4
PSC 409Political Parties and Interest Groups3,4
PSC 415The Supreme Court and Judicial Politics3,4
PSC 420National Security Issues and the U.S. Constitution3,4
PSC 444Gender, Politics, and Public Policy3
PSC 470Terrorism and Public Policy3,4
Additional Electives (six hours of PSC courses) 16
Total Hours41

Three hours may be from outside of PSC with approval of advisor


Hours may be taken in the major