Pre-Medical Concentration

Students can formalize their preparation for medical or professional schools by earning the CLS Pre-Medical concentration. This designation will appear on the transcript. Students are not required to complete the Pre-Medical concentration in order to apply to medical school or other professional school. In recent years, CLS graduates have pursued careers as physicians, physical therapists, physician assistants, pathologists' assistants, and researchers, and they have pursued graduate school (e.g., a Master’s in Public Health).

The CLS major will need to complete the following courses for the Pre-Medical concentration.

Required Courses
ASP 201University Physics I4
ASP 202University Physics II4
CHE 268Organic Chemistry I Laboratory1
CHE 269Organic Chemistry II3
CHE 271Organic Chemistry II Lab1
MAT 115Calculus I 14
Select at least four hours from the following:4
Cell Biology
Human Disease
Human Anatomy and Physiology I
Total Hours21

This course may also be counted toward the CLS major.