Pre-Medical Concentration

The Pre-Medical concentration in Biology is a 20 hour concentration. Sixteen hours are required courses and four are electives. The required courses are courses in the non-science minor that are not normally required for Biology majors. Ideally students will be encouraged to take both chemistry and clinical lab science electives, but in order to keep the number of hours in the concentration reasonable only four credit hours of electives are required.

Required Courses
ASP 201University Physics I4
ASP 202University Physics II4
CHE 269Organic Chemistry II3
CHE 271Organic Chemistry II Lab1
MAT 115Calculus I4
Electives 1
Select one or two of the following:4
Biochemistry I
Introduction to Clinical Chemistry
Introduction to Hematology
Introduction to Immunohematology
Introduction to Immunology
Total Hours20

None of the courses are required for a Biology major, therefore no elective course counted toward the Pre-Medical concentration may be used to satisfy another requirement for the Biology major. 

Degree Plan*

*Listed below is a SUGGESTED Degree Plan.  For OFFICIAL program information, please refer to the catalog content above and consult your academic advisor.

Year 1
Fall Hours
ENG 1012Rhetoric and College Writing3
Social Science or Humanities: Comparative Societies23
CHE 1411General Chemistry I4
MAT 1153Calculus I4
UNI 1012College for First Year Students3
ENG 1022College Writing and Civic Engagement3
COM 1122Oral Communication3
CHE 142General Chemistry II4
Social/Behavioral Science course23
Humanities or Soc Sci: Comparative Societies23
Year 2
Social Science course23
ASP 2013University Physics I4
BIO 1411Unity of Living Organisms4
CHE 2671Organic Chemistry I3
CHE 2681Organic Chemistry I Laboratory1
Math Applied24
ASP 2023University Physics II4
BIO 2411Biology of Organisms in the Environment4
CHE 2693Organic Chemistry II3
CHE 2713Organic Chemistry II Lab1
Year 3
BIO 3014General Seminar3
BIO 3514Organismal Botany4
ECCE U.S. Communities3,74
CHE 3224Laboratory Techniques1
Upper division elective or minor course54
BIO 3614Comparative Vertebrate Biology4
BIO 3114Cell Biology4
UNI 3013ECCE: Speakers Series1
IPL 300ECCE: Internship Applied Learning6
Year 4
BIO 371Principles Of Ecology4
BIO 345
BIO 3464
General Microbiology4
Upper division elective or minor course54
Upper division elective or minor course54
BIO 3814Genetics4
General Biology Elective44
Upper division elective from CHE or CLS34
ECCE Global Awareness3,74
 Total Hours: 127

Lower division foundation course requirements- 24 Hours


 General Education requirements- 28-30 Hours


Students need to complete ECCEs in at least two of the three ECCE categories-U.S. Communities, Global Awareness, Engagement-per major requirements in addition to Speakers Series- 10 Hours


Biology Major course work- 32 Hours


Upper division electives- minimum 12 Hours


Additional courses required for Pre-med.  Please note that some pre-med courses such as Physics I & II could be petitioned to be counted as upper division electives, bringing the total number of hours to 120.


Either the ECCE Global Awareness or ECCE U.S. Communities must be 300 or 400.  Both cannot be 100-200 level.  Both may be 300-400.