The Capital Scholars Honors Program

The Capital Scholars Honors Program is a selective program that emphasizes excellence and involvement. The Program currently enrolls a small number of highly qualified freshmen each year in its living-learning community, which is housed in the Lincoln Residence Hall and Founders Residence Hall for the first-year and second-years, respectively.

Honors students participate in an interdisciplinary core curriculum designed to prepare them for their majors and foster the intellectual skills that society expects from future leaders. Honors interdisciplinary core courses introduce students to ideas from a range of disciplines, and help them integrate the insights of those disciplines to create new knowledge. Each course includes topics and draws on authors that reflect the ethnic, racial, and gender diversity of America, and also world-wide cultural diversity. Honors students participate in learning teams for many course assignments; their work together nurtures intellectual growth and engagement with the ideas of others. Collaboration also prepares honors students for the challenges of working in a complex and diverse society. The curriculum-wide focus on collaborative learning also emphasizes leadership.

Admission to the Honors Program is competitive and is based on an overall evaluation of high school course work, grade-point average, class rank, SAT or ACT scores, and the personal and academic statement. ACT/SAT scores are waived for international students who meet other specific criteria related to language proficiency. The personal and academic statement should address reasons for interest in the Capital Scholars Honors Program, possible intellectual and career direction, and creative or leadership potential. A personal or telephone interview with a member of the admissions committee (made up of faculty and program representatives) may also be a component of the admission process.  For more information regarding the Capital Scholars Honors Program, potential students should visit the Capital Scholars Honors Program’s website or contact the Program directly by emailing