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MPH 583. Comprehensive Exam Continuing Enrollment. 0 Hours.

Encourages students to maintain contact with the department and allows them to use campus facilities such as the library and computer laboratories while preparing to take the department's master's degree closure exercise -- the comprehensive examination. NOTE: If students do not earn a passing grade on the comprehensive examination during their final semester, they must enroll in MPH 583 for zero credit hours (one billable hour) in all subsequent semesters until they pass the exam. Course Information: May be repeated.

Human Services semester of study must enroll in MPH 583 (zero credit hours, one billable credit...

Public Administration semester of study must enroll in MPH 583 (zero credit hours, one billable credit...

Public Health semester of study must enroll in MPH 583 (zero credit hours, one billable credit...

MPH/HMS Joint Degree

The MPH/HMS joint degree is a 68 credit hour master degree option that requires students to take 32 credit hours from both departments, plus a four hour internship from one of the departments. Students take core classes from both MPH and HMS, as well as elective courses. Closure exercises from both departments are required. Students must apply to both graduate departments to be eligible for the joint degree. All prerequisites from each department apply. Students are assigned an academic advisor in both departments. 1  Students in the joint MPH/HMS degree are required to complete 400 contact hours for the internship. 2 The eight hours of electives in MPH may be selected from any MPH 500-level course in consultation with an approval by the academic advisor. The student's career path should be considered for the best selection of these electives. 3  Students complete the MPH comprehensive examination.  No credit hours are awarded for completion of the exam. Students who do not complete the examination during their final semester of study must enroll in MPH 583 (zero credit hours, one billable credit hour) each regular semester (fall/spring) until they pass the exam.

MPH/MPA Joint Degree

The MPH Department and the UIS Public Administration Department have established a joint degree in accordance with university policy. Students interested in this joint degree can contact either the MPA or MPH office. This joint degree requires two separate program applications. Students must meet entrance requirements for each. Students may complete a joint degree with a total of 66 credit hours, compared to a total of 88 for the two degrees separately. Students pursuing this joint degree will be required to complete an appropriate closure exercise in each of the two degree organizations. Upon completion, one diploma will be granted.