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MPH 581. Internship. 1-4 Hours.

Under faculty guidance, students gain practical experience in a public health setting relevant to their career goals and interests. Experience includes in-depth understanding of agency-specific mission, goals, and objectives, and working on special projects to demonstrate integration of public health competencies into practice. Requires periodic summary reports based on an activity log and reflective journal, and evaluative final paper. Requires a minimum of 50 contact hours for each credit hour taken. May be repeated to a maximum of 4 hours. Degree requires 4 hours of internship credit with minimum of 200 contact hours. Course Information: Prerequisite: completion of at least 24 hours of core courses. Internship Learning Agreement and instructor approval required.

MPH General Option

Required core courses (28 hours) and at least one course from each of the elective categories (20 hours):

MPH with Concentration in Environmental Health

Required courses include: Core (28 hours) and Environmental Health concentration core (eight hours). In addition, choose 12 hours of electives from one option below.