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MPH 531. Public Health Policy and Administration. 4 Hours.

This course considers contemporary public health issues and policy; the role of the public health manager; and the fundamentals of public health program and policy development, implementation, and evaluation. It provides an introduction to public health concepts, policy and practice by examining the philosophy, purpose, history, organization, functions, tools, activities policies and results of public health practice at the international, national, state, and community levels. The course addresses important health issues and problems facing the public health system and the application of management theory and skills to the administration of public health programs, policies and facilities.

Public Administration MPH may be selected from any MPH...Note that if PAD 531 , PAD 533 , or...

MPH/MPA Joint Degree

The MPH Department and the UIS Public Administration Department have established a joint degree in accordance with university policy. Students interested in this joint degree can contact either the MPA or MPH office. This joint degree requires two separate program applications. Students must meet entrance requirements for each. Students may complete a joint degree with a total of 66 credit hours, compared to a total of 88 for the two degrees separately. Students pursuing this joint degree will be required to complete an appropriate closure exercise in each of the two degree organizations. Upon completion, one diploma will be granted.