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ART 262. History of Art II. 3 Hours.

An overview of the visual arts from around 1300 C.E. through the present. The course examines artworks in light of their particular stylistic characteristics and in terms of their historical and cultural contexts. We will integrate information from the readings into an analysis of both specific artworks, as well as a treatment of broader art-historical themes. Course Information: This course fulfills a general education requirement at UIS in the area of Visual, Creative, and Performing Arts.

Visual Arts

EHS HDC Admissions Degree Program Program Type Dept Application Materials and Admission Criteria Prerequisite Course Requirements Department ADM Review Dept Conditional Admits Dept Appeal Process Visual Arts BA On campus No additional admission requirements beyond the general UIS criteria ART 102 , ART 112 , ART 113 , ART 261 , ART 262 , AND one intro level studio course ( ART 203 , ART 211 , ART 215 , ART 236 , ART 251 ) N/A N/A N/A

Visual Arts Email: O f fic e Phone: (217) 206-6240 O f fic e Loca tion: VPA 62