MPH General Option

Required core courses (28 hours) and at least one course from each of the elective categories (20 hours):

Core Courses
MPH 503Biostatistics for the Health Professional4
MPH 506Community Health Research4
MPH 511Foundations Of Epidemiology4
MPH 521Environmental and Occupational Health4
MPH 531Public Health Policy and Administration4
MPH 561Community Health Education4
MPH 581Internship 1,24
Other Requirements
Select one course from each of the following categories:20
Category 1: Emerging Issues
Emerging Diseases 3
ECCE: Crisis in Environmental Health
ECCE: Solid and Hazardous Wastes Policy
Risk Management and Communication
Public Health in the Political Arena
Category 2: Advanced Epidemiology
Epidemiology of Infectious and Chronic Diseases
Analytical Epidemiology
Category 3: Analytical Tools
Fundamentals of Geographic Information Systems
Program Evaluation for Public Health
Environmental Risk Assessment
Health Economics
Category 4: Social Detrimanants
ECCE: Food, Health, and Public Policy
ECCE: Addiction
ECCE: Monsters, Medicine, and Myths
Human Well Being 3
Additional Elective
Select one course 4
Total Hours48

Students in the MPH/HMS joint degree may take either MPH 581 or HMS 550 to fulfill the internship requirement. Four hours of internship must be taken in order to complete the requirements. Each credit hour equals 100 contact hours.


Students may submit a Student Petition form to use PAD 561 as one hour toward the internship requirement.


MPH students must select the four hour option for this course to meet degree requirements.


One additional elective may be selected from any graduate course taught by the department or campus, in consultation with and approval by the academic advisor. The student’s career path should be considered for best selection of this elective.