Human Health Emphasis

Note:  Program revisions are currently underway.  In the interim, graduate admissions have been temporarily suspended.  Please contact the department with any questions.

Degree Requirements

Core Requirements
BIO 402Biometrics (Spring Year 1)4
BIO 502Biological Research and Policy I (Fall year 1)2
BIO 503Biological Research and Policy II (Spring Year 1)2
BIO 551Advanced Cell Biology and Molecular Biology (Fall)4
BIO 571Advanced Ecology and Evolution (Spring)4
Closure Option
Select one of the following options:20
Thesis Option
Master's Thesis
Biology approved electives 1,2
Non-Thesis Option
Closure Exam Preparation
Biology approved electives 1,2
Total Hours36

Approved electives can be taken across any of the courses listed in the Molecular and Cellular or Ecology and Evolutionary categories; however, a minimum of eight credits need to be taken in BIO prefix electives. Electives are grouped based on area of emphasis for students wishing to specialize their course work in certain areas. BIO 585 credits cannot be used as electives in the non-thesis option. Electives other than those listed in the categories may be approved only by written permission of the academic advisor and program chair prior to enrollment.


Select electives from the Molecular and Cellular category listed below.

Approved Elective Options

Molecular and Cellular Elective Options (Human Health Emphasis)

BIO 410Topics in Biology1-4
BIO 428Human Disease4
BIO 429Human Anatomy and Physiology I4
BIO 431Human Anatomy and Physiology II4
BIO/CLS 448Introduction to Immunology3
BIO 510Topics In Biology1-4
BIO 561Advanced Microbiology4
CHE 415Biochemistry I 13,4
CHE 416Biochemistry II3,4
CHE 421Instrumental Analysis4
CLS 447Medical Mycology, Parasitology and Virology4
MPH 511Foundations Of Epidemiology4

Only one course can count towards degree from CHE 415/CHE 433.

Progressing Through the Degree

Course Offering Schedule

These courses are only offered once a year as follows:

BIO 502Biological Research and Policy I2
BIO 551Advanced Cell Biology and Molecular Biology4
BIO 402Biometrics4
BIO 503Biological Research and Policy II2
BIO 571Advanced Ecology and Evolution4