Learning Behavior Specialist I

This endorsement is offered online.

The Learning Behavior Specialist 1 (LBS1) endorsement is sought after by PK-12 teachers for the purpose of gaining an additional endorsement to be qualified to teach in a special education setting. The course titles and descriptions have been approved by the Illinois State Board of Education. The student populations with which they will be endorsed to work are diagnosed with specific learning disabilities, social emotional disorders, mental retardation, physically handicapped, autism, and traumatic brain injury. Each course may be taken for elective credit in the Masters of Education degree program.

A passing grade in an EDL course is considered to be B or above. A failing grade is given for work below that level. A maximum of eight hours of C (2.0) grades is applicable to the degree (grades of C- or lower are not accepted), provided that a minimum GPA of 3.0 is reached at time of graduation and an approved Student Petition is on file in the Office of Records and Registration.

EDL 554Characteristics of Exceptional Children4
EDL 573Survey of Exceptional Children4
EDL 558Strategies for Teaching Children with Special Needs I2
EDL 559Strategies for Teaching Children with Special Needs II2
EDL 553Assessment of Students' Learning Difficulties and Disabilities4
Total Hours16

Candidates must take and pass ISBE Licensure Exam(s) in their specific area(s) to qualify for state of Illinois entitlement.